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Gymnastics Classes

Chicago: Girls Recreational


937 W. Chestnut St. Chicago, IL 60642



Our recreational program is for children ages 6.5 to 12 years old. These classes are great as a continuation of your girl’s gymnastics career, a supplement to other sports, or for the very beginner.

While the flexibility, strength, and coordination developed in these classes are specific to gymnastics, the skills are important for everyone at such a critical age.

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Lakeshore Academy does not offer credits or make ups for misses classes. 


The student will work on basic gymnastics skills and body positions utilizing the floor, bars, beam, and vault. Trampoline and tumble trak exercises are also incorporated to improve body awareness. Forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, pullovers, and confidence on the balance beam should be mastered at this level.

Students are required to have instructor approval to enroll in any of the below classes


Strength and flexibility are emphasized in order to create a solid basis for learning more advanced skills. Handstand rolls, front and back walkovers, hip circles, and jumps on the balance beam are some elements that are taught at this level.


(With instructor approval ONLY – must pass Intermediate evaluation)

After mastering the basic sequential skills and developing strength and flexibility, the gymnasts should be ready for more advanced exercises. This level incorporates repetitive drill in order to increase body awareness and program muscle memory. Skills include front and back handsprings, round-offs, front hip circles, glide kips, and cartwheels on the balance beamVault handsprings and an increase in dance are also taught in this class. Gymnasts are encouraged to train twice per week.

Class Format

Length: 90 Minutes