Lakeshore Academy

Summer is almost here! We will be running two, 5 Week terms this summer.

(For camp information & details, please see the “Summer Camps” page.)

Term V:June 15th – July 18th

Term VI: July 20th – August 22nd.

Click the link below to view our Summer Schedule:

Summer Schedule 2015

*Note: If the time slot is blank/white, there is NOT a class at that hour.

Sign up dates (for both terms):

May 1st: for current, Term IV students (Note: online registration will not be available until June 1st for open enrollment; please call or stop in to register!)

June 1st: for any students not enrolled in Term IV and new students


5 Weeks                   1 Hr. Class/(Sibling)        1.5 Hr.Class/(Sibling)
Member                        $129 / $106                           $163 / $132
Non-Member                $155 / $124                           $197 / $158