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Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2018


Please note: space is much more limited than past years. Sections will fill very quickly!
Camp will be open to children ages 5 -12. Students MUST be 5 years of age in order to participate.

Scroll down to register for Chicago camps. Please call for information about Mt. Prospect

What is the key focus of this Summer Camp?

Your child will attend a half-day of conditioning, rock-climbing, and gymnastics. Children will start out with a warm-up, soon after arrival. This will consist of running, jumping, or completing obstacle courses. During camp there will be structured games and fitness challenges such as team building activities, ice breakers, and conditioning. Depending on the agenda for the day, campers will either start with Gymnastics or Rock-Climbing. During the Rock- Climbing course, your child will learn different climbing techniques and complete challenges.

What form of climbing will they learn?

The wall is structured primarily for bouldering (bouldering is un-roped climbing with a specific height limit, and requires no technical training or harness). Although this will be the main focus, your child will also have access to the full wall, which is no higher than 23 ft.

Will my child be safe?

Campers will always remain under supervision of well-trained instructors. Your child will wear a harness and rock climbing shoes during belaying for extra security.

What should I bring for my child to wear?

Girls would need leotard and shorts for climbing. Boys should wear shorts and a T-shirt. All children should have socks to wear during climbing, for sanitation purposes.

Is it a good idea to leave my child during camp?

We actually recommend you leave during camp. This is why we have age limitations for our program. Camp is an independent activity for a growing child, and parents in the lobby area distract children from listening to their instructor and or interacting with other children.

Should I send my child with something to eat?

Your child should bring a snack of their choice. If your child forgets his or her snack during the first couple of weeks, we will provide one. If your child arrives early for the morning camp they are welcomed to eat breakfast here. The same goes for children who attend the afternoon camp and need to eat lunch. Lakeshore Academy will not be providing these meals.

What time should I arrive to pick my child up from camp?

Please plan on arriving at the gym fifteen minutes before camp ends. Although campers will not be done until the hour, most children begin to get anxious close to time and are happy when they see their parents or caregivers.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Lakeshore Academy gives you the option to sign your child up for the morning, afternoon, or both sessions of camp. If you decide to sign up for both sessions, there will be an instructor assigned for the hour in between camps. Your child will eat his or her lunch. They will have the option for arts and crafts, board games, or play at the Lego table.

½ Day Summer Camp 2018, June 11th to August 17th


Weeks 5 Days a Week 3 Days a Week (M, W, F) 2 Days a Week (Tu, Th)
Term V&VI 1st Student / Sib 1st Student / Sib 1st Student / Sib
5 Weeks 705/529 529/423 423/341
4 Weeks 587/446 440/347 341/282
3 Weeks 458/353 341/270 264/217
2 Weeks 319/251 250/193 187/158
1 Weeks 200/166 141/117 111/95



Weeks 5 Days a Week 3 Days a Week (M, W, F) 2 Days a Week (Tu, Th)
Term V&VI 1st Student / Sib 1st Student / Sib 1st Student / Sib
5 Weeks 852/735 634/529 494/400
4 Weeks 705/588 522/446 405/341
3 Weeks 546/411 405/341 312/264
2 Weeks 388/341 282/241 222/187
1 Weeks 229/206 166/141 130/111


Camp runs Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00PM and 1:00 to 4:00PM

  • Camp is a stand-alone program. Therefore, class registrations are calculated separately from camp, and sib/2nd child rates only apply within each separate program. The second child rate only applies if, more than one child in a family is participating in camp in the same week.
  • Camp registrations for one week at a time are charged the one-week rate. This also applies to registering in advance for two non-consecutive weeks within a session.
  • Consecutive week camp registrations are charged by the total number of weeks for each grouping. For example, if you register for 3 consecutive weeks you will be charged the 3 week price. However, each discreet group of weeks will be charged separately. So, if you register for 2 consecutive weeks and then another 3 consecutive weeks (but not 5 consecutive) you will be charged for 2 weeks and for 3 weeks.


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